Josh groban dating alison sudol dating metal pictures

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Josh groban dating alison sudol

I tried to stay cheerful when I thought the time of goodybe came.Josh is a wonderful person and I would always cherish that, but if the time came to let go of the side of him that used to play such a crucial role in my life, I would do it.

It happened six years ago, and the reason why this event turned into an anniversary is the profound impact this singer has had on me.

I felt no envy that most of my Grobanite friends were going to one or more tours, I was happy for them and I knew that my responsible goodbye from Josh was more important than toeing the line for the sake of peace and not standing out.

My resolve lasted all two hours until I got home from work and my husband told me I should reconsider.

I knew that a bus would take me, that I had the ticket, and that it would happen, so why stress or fuss about it? I used to have pre-concert depression, post-concert depression, and everything in between. I am better at living for the moment than I used to be.

I accept and count my blessings and absorb the joy that comes from being fully present during an experience.

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I don’t want to spoil it all with expectations, and so I expected mostly nothing from the concert.

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